Getting started prepping food


One thing I like is legumes. Beans are not only good for your digestive health, but also filling and warming. So into the pot goes some of Bob’s bean soup. The wife gets its for me from Big Lots, an excellent source of backpacking food. 


Whole grain and bean soup mix.  53 grams is one serving,  and it’s got 180 calories per serving. Keeping with my goal of 100 calories per ounce this stuff is right on. Macros are 8g of fiber and 10g of protein with 34g of complex carbs and 1g of fats.
First we cook it. 2 cups of bean mix, then 8 cups of water. Stock it in a slow cooker for 10 hours on low for great flavor.
Then blend for ease of rehydration.
Into the dehydrator.

Set the dehydrator for 120 degrees of freedom, then leave it alone for 7 hours or so.
Getting close, time to flip it.

Ok when it’s done we separate it into ziplock bags, this is 4 servings. Add in 2.5 ounces of dehydrated rice or minute rice, some cheese, jerky and Fritos on the trial, and you’ve got a great meal.

Foot Care 101

So I was reading Andrew Skurka today, and I got to thinking: he has made a great case for using mesh shoes, so I want to chip in my experience. I have never hiked in waterproof shoes or boots.
Yeah never. Yes even winter hikes. Now my feet have gotten cold, and the snow on top of the shoe melts and gets in the shoe. What I have found is that neoprene socks, and if necessary a vapor barrier are available in the winter and will keep you warm. (I found this out the hard way on a winter hike, we were post holing and my speedcross shoes wetted out. Then froze solid that night. Sometimes experience is the best teacher.) But this post isn’t about winter packing.
Soo feet can get nasty, and that is the crux of this rant.

Skurka has some pretty gross pics on his site, but just thinking about feet in the water and being wet all day can lead to some pretty traumatic images. So on this upcoming trek for the nine line foundation I’ll be taking a pretty normal (for me) approach.
Foot Care items for the Nineline Hike:
1 set of thin synthetic socks for daytime
1 set of thick wools for sleeping
1 – 2oz jar of Bonnie’s Balm climbing salve. Buy it here:

Ok my plan is pretty much to hike in the thin socks, then before I go to bed I’ll slather on the salve and switch to the thick wool socks. Then when I wake I’ll check my feet and put on more salve if I need to. 15 miles a day over 5 days is a lot for me, I find 10 miles a day pretty easy and 12-13 is still decently civil, so I want the extra protection of the balm because the last time I did 15 miles a day for more than 2 days I was hurting pretty bad. I really am looking forward to this hike though, a grueling as it sounds. I love the charity and the close personal help I’ve gotten over the last couple of weeks has been great. If you want to donate you sure can, please use my link here:
And if you already have you have my thanks!