The 26g BRS-3000T gas stove review

When I did the Etekcity stove review, a few people on Reddit’s r/Ultralight asked why I didn’t get the BRS-3000T. Well I knew the Etekcity was reliable and the difference between 26g and 83g isn’t that huge to me. But because every one was on about it, I got one.

On Amazon at least, it seems this stove, the BRS-3000T has a few different names. I ended up getting this one, even though there were others at a few different ends of the price spectrum. Because this one had some good reviews, and it was prime eligible. Also it’s the same thing.

Starting off, the weight on the BRS-3000T is very good. As I said 26g is pretty light.

On the freedom side it’s 0.90 ounces.

And now the fuel.

After the boil.

In the 3:40 the BRS-3000T took to boil the 71F water, it used 9 grams of fuel. That’s 10-11 boils per 100 gram canister. The Etekcity used 7 grams and boiled at 3:15 on average in my tests. But it also weighs over twice as much.

In the video below I point out a few things, namely the wind effect and the size of the flame. I suspect that the BRS-3000T would be better on a little larger pot than the Snow Peak 600. Like an Evernew posta pot or an MSR Titan. I’m going to try all these with my Jetboil pot soon just to see what happens so maybe it’ll be better then, in the mean time a quick pro/con.


-It’s super light. 26g is nothing to sneeze at. It might blow away.

-The efficiency isn’t too bad. I’m sure there are worse stoves out there, 9g per boil is better to calculate too.


– It does use more than the Etekcity, and more than my MiniMo, which uses around 5g per boil. There are much more efficient stoves out there, but they are generally much heavier and are a part of a system.

– The stove is slower to boil than either of my other rocket stoves.

– The pot stand arms on the BRS-3000T are kinda hard to get into position. you have to stand them all upright, then click them down. Not a really big deal, but kinda annoying.

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Etekcity Rocket Stove Review

The Etekcity Rocket Stove is a cheap but not cheaply made little stove. It’s light weight but heavy duty. More Cliche`s.

Etekcity Rocket Stove

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The Etekcity stove is $10.99 on amazon and is a great buy. It consistently boils in around 3 minutes on my tests below. While I didn’t count the boil times during the video, on the video editing I did, and it boiled both times at 3 min 15 seconds or so each time. It’s rated pretty highly at 4.4 stars with 2,230 reviews right now.

Here it is getting some trail use last weekend on what was supposed to be the Donner Trail.


As concluded in the video below: the weight at 2.92 ounces, or 83 Grams.  It uses around a quarter ounce per boil on my tests (0.25 ounces or 7 Grams), from 40 degree F water. I used the 100 Gram version of this fuel for the test. I found the wind resistance to be acceptable for this stove, and the efficiency on the Etekcity is just below average. 7 grams of use will get you to 14 boils on a 100 gram canister.


– Its a great price.

– It’s rock solid, except for the ignition.

– It’s easy to take the ignition off, and it takes off a quarter ounce too.

– It’s decently wind resistant. A good strong gust will still put it out, but it’s WAAAY better than the BRS3000T.


– You have to take the Ignition off because they never work.

– The Etekcity isn’t that efficient. My MiniMo gets 20 boils per 100 gram canister.

Any way, the video is below.