Etekcity Rocket Stove Review

The Etekcity Rocket Stove is a cheap but not cheaply made little stove. It’s light weight but heavy duty. More Cliche`s.

Etekcity Rocket Stove

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The Etekcity stove is $10.99 on amazon and is a great buy. It consistently boils in around 3 minutes on my tests below. While I didn’t count the boil times during the video, on the video editing I did, and it boiled both times at 3 min 15 seconds or so each time. It’s rated pretty highly at 4.4 stars with 2,230 reviews right now.

Here it is getting some trail use last weekend on what was supposed to be the Donner Trail.


As concluded in the video below: the weight at 2.92 ounces, or 83 Grams.  It uses around a quarter ounce per boil on my tests (0.25 ounces or 7 Grams), from 40 degree F water. I used the 100 Gram version of this fuel for the test. I found the wind resistance to be acceptable for this stove, and the efficiency on the Etekcity is just below average. 7 grams of use will get you to 14 boils on a 100 gram canister.


– Its a great price.

– It’s rock solid, except for the ignition.

– It’s easy to take the ignition off, and it takes off a quarter ounce too.

– It’s decently wind resistant. A good strong gust will still put it out, but it’s WAAAY better than the BRS3000T.


– You have to take the Ignition off because they never work.

– The Etekcity isn’t that efficient. My MiniMo gets 20 boils per 100 gram canister.

Any way, the video is below.



Getting started prepping food


One thing I like is legumes. Beans are not only good for your digestive health, but also filling and warming. So into the pot goes some of Bob’s bean soup. The wife gets its for me from Big Lots, an excellent source of backpacking food. 


Whole grain and bean soup mix.  53 grams is one serving,  and it’s got 180 calories per serving. Keeping with my goal of 100 calories per ounce this stuff is right on. Macros are 8g of fiber and 10g of protein with 34g of complex carbs and 1g of fats.
First we cook it. 2 cups of bean mix, then 8 cups of water. Stock it in a slow cooker for 10 hours on low for great flavor.
Then blend for ease of rehydration.
Into the dehydrator.

Set the dehydrator for 120 degrees of freedom, then leave it alone for 7 hours or so.
Getting close, time to flip it.

Ok when it’s done we separate it into ziplock bags, this is 4 servings. Add in 2.5 ounces of dehydrated rice or minute rice, some cheese, jerky and Fritos on the trial, and you’ve got a great meal.